Exhibition in public space during Munich Jewellery Week 2015.

24hours, Unspecified duration.

Collaboration project with Giedre Lisauskaite and Mio Fujimaki

Pendant melts between 117°F and 119°F (47°C and 48°C), is translated to "to hang down", it comes in the form of a loose-hanging piece of jewellery It also serves as a useful buffer towards a host of diseases, insulating body organs against shock, maintaining body temperature, and promoting healthy cell function. Throughout recorded history it has been humanity's oldest and has been popular around the world. There are wide varieties of types, shapes, sizes, and textures some are left unleavened, either for preference, or for traditional or religious reasons. It is transported around the bodies of animals.

It describes the condition of hanging, either literally, or figuratively, as in undecided or incomplete. 

Detail images by Xiaoxiao Xu

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