1987.07.05 born in Tokyo, Japan.


2006-2010 Tama Art University, Textile Design

2011-2014 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Jewellery


2010 Banana Textile Exhibition, JICA Global Plaza, JP
2010 Textile Graduation Exhibition, BankArt, Yokohama, JP

2011 Lost & Found, B-side Festival, Amsterdam, NL

2012 Rietveld Uncut, Amsterdam, NL

2012 CARversation, Citroën garage, Amsterdam, NL

2012Extreme Crafts, Freies Museum, Berlin, DE

2013 MULTIPLAY, OBJECT Rotterdam, NL

2014 Constant Companion, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL

2014 GRA Graduation show, Amsterdam, NL

2014 Car Art Festival, Delft, NL
2014 Verborgen Stegen Schiedam, Schiedam, NL

2014 JOYA, Barcelona, ES


Hi, I am Mio. Thanks for visiting here.

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Mio Fujimaki has been meticulously exploring a range of fundamental questions related to jewelry. The organic and process-like way of working allows her to swiftly move back and forth between issues of beauty, preciousness, fashion, coded language and belief systems. She transforms both dead and living material into an organized form of continuity: a life cycle in which works sprout, bloom and decompose in order to become nutrients for new works and insights. With her high sensitivity for and a great understanding of the intrinsic qualities of material she let material speak things it never spoke before.

By saying; “I want my jewelry to live, grow and die” she has developed a very specific and challenging criterium for her work and her audience. Her fine and seductive hand collaborates with a mind that is eager to undermine and excavated. These contrasting qualities result in a body of work that is both witty, invocatory, explorative and abundant. Her curiosity, communicative skills, humor, sensitivity and intelligence will allow her to collaborate in an inter-disciplinary context and process complex issues that are at stake not only in the field of jewelry but far beyond.

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